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HH&A are the experts in Quitting Business and Liquidation Sales

You only have one opportunity to make money in a quitting business sale. At Hoyt Highfill & Associates, we have developed a hard hitting advertising program, along with strong salesmanship and merchandising, that has been tried and proven in the toughest markets in this country.

Hoyt Highfill & Associates’s copyrighted sales campaigns and great inventory support by America’s finest manufacturers has continued to produce, for stores from low end to high end, larger volume with favorable profits, while upholding the store’s image.

HH&A is a Professional Sales Team

Hoyt Highfill & Associates is a professional sales management and Advertising team of experienced furniture experts with over 60 years of retail sales. Our knowledge and expertise will produce the maximum possible profit for you.

Hoyt Highfill & Associates has grown to one of the largest and most respected sales promotion companies in the nation. The philosophy of HH&A is to consistently deliver, to businesses like yours, higher profits and larger volume while upholding a professional image and integrity.

Hoyt Highfill & Associates’s Services Include:

• Furniture Going Out Of Business Sales
• Quitting Business Sales
• Furniture Retirement Sales
• Moving Sales
• Furniture Liquidation & Bankruptcy Sales
• Furniture Cash Raising
• Promotional Sales

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