A Profitable Sales Program

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Hoyt Highfill & Associates has conducted Profitable Sales Programs for liquidations, relocations, retirements, cash raising and special event sales that have proven, for the store, profitable time and time again.

Over the last 53 years, HH&A has developed a program that we call “GRAND CLOSING”. It is the best opportunity you’ll ever have in the furniture business to make money!

A Hoyt Highfill & Associates “GRAND CLOSING” is completely tailored to your quitting business needs. We handle everything… ADVERTISING, MERCHANDISING, PLANNING…all with your approval.

“Quitting business sales are our specialty. “Grand Closing” is a proven success in the nation’s toughest markets. WE KNOW HOW TO MAKE YOU MONEY!

HH&A, of course, can design a special sales program to fit your particular needs.