A Successful Sales Concept

Furniture Promotions, Lynch, PMP Sales, SCG Furniture Promotions

A successful sales concept takes planning, planning, and more planning. Our sales manager and his team will be at your store 8 to 10 days before the sale starts to prepare your store for the big event. He will coordinate and begin putting into place all of the systems that HH&A have developed over the past 60 years. He will organize every department. He will completely remerchandise, set-up and retag your sales floor. HH&A creates and advertising program that is right for your store with a budget that is submitted to you for prior approval.

A sales manager with many years of experience will be on location to supervise all sales personnel, to keep the showroom floor well-stocked and looking good, to oversee the warehouse and shipping department and to organize the office. It is his job to keep thing working smoothly and to make proper decisions for a successful sales event.

Hoyt Highfill & Associates works on a commission basis of 10% of gross sales. In addition, all sales people furnished by HH&A receive 6% of their respected sales. Once a week (on Tuesday) your company will be responsible for commission due both HH&A and the sales staff.

Our past business relations have made for a pleasant working agreement for all. Should a time come that you will need a professional, please consider Hoyt Highfill & Associates. Let us put our successful sales concept to use for you. We look forward to working with you!